OPG Dental Implants

OPG for Dental Implants

Orthopantomogram (OPG) brought by advances in dental imaging technology allows taking a scan of the entire upper and lower jaw at the same time scanning the teeth and jaw bone from ear to ear.

Unlike previous methods of taking x-rays, a digital OPG x-ray machine takes about a minute and shows facial bones, teeth and sinuses all in one image and there are no x-ray film holders to bite down on.
For evaluating dental implant treatments we rely on digital OPG x-rays to get the best possible picture of the underlying bone where the implants will be placed. Digital OPG is used to see if the patient is suitable for dental implants, to create treatment plans and estimate costs. From the images we can also see if bone or sinus grafting is needed as part of the dental implant treatment.
Why Digital OPG

  • Broader coverage of facial bones and teeth in one image
  • Low patient radiation dose
  • Convenience of examination for the patient (no films need to be placed inside the mouth)
  • Ability to be used in patients who cannot open the mouth or when the opening is restricted
  • Short time required for making the image
  • Panoramic images produced are useful visual aid in case presentation